Photo: Seen at the Babysitter: “Get Off Your Phone”

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  1. MOMMY! I had a great day at morah’s playgroup today. However, I’m so excited you came to pick me up. I’m so happy to see you and be at your side. I want to share with you all I did today and I want you to shepp nachas from me. I long for your warm hug and kiss, and a nice compliment. BUT MOMMY! PLEASE PLEASE put aside your phone until I go to sleep for the night. Unless it’s an emergency. When I’m not around you can spend however much time you want on the phone. But now I want to keep our close relationship going strong.
    Thank you so much mommy for understanding me.

  2. That is a very harsh sign. I would not send my child to that Morah. I’m sorry, but there are politer ways of conveying that message. To me, it’s just as important that my child goes to a Morah who displays proper derech Eretz.

    • “I’m sorry, but there are politer ways of conveying that message.”

      Not for someone who doesn’t get it. Those people need to be yelled at. Otherwise they won’t hear you.

  3. mussar is harsh! not everything can be sugar coated sometimes us adults need a little potch. for a morah who spent six hours w/ 20 children ( something many of us would not even attempt. thats why my wife NEEDED to go to florida, w the reasoning what am i going to do w the kids at home

  4. I do not see anything disrespectful in the notice. It is strong but not abusive. Does the truth really hurt that much? Apparently it does.

  5. Very well said! The sign made me cry a little… a child calling: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy….” — what can be sadder than that??
    If you want to be a good wife, mother and everything in between something has to give a little and that should be your phone– not your kids. And the same goes to the father by the way….

  6. Very nice from someone who is paid to watch children! Seriously maybe people are running businesses or are dealing with life issues!

  7. It hits home for many people. I believe phone calls should not be made in the 3-4 hrs. before children go to sleep. Spend as much time with them as possible. It’s an investment that will pay many times over. It doesn’t matter that the message may have been harsh. We should take it to heart.

  8. its ironic. because their business wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for parents paying them to watch them so the parents can do other things, oh the irony! glass houses etc!!!!!!!!!

  9. Instead of picking on the sign, why don’t we all pay attention to the message.
    This is similar to when a person listens to a speech by a great speaker, then instead of taking the message to heart, they undermine the speaker. Thus the message is discarded, as important as it might be.


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