Photo: Seen On a Bulletin Board: Wanted: Yungerman to Step On Grapes

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  1. Must have 10 toes for the 10 makos. No woolen socks. Must wear a Friedman strymel. No splashing. And absolutly a must, Hallel must be recited Baal peh per quart.

  2. I wonder if this is for real
    Or just some early Purim shpiel
    Stomping on some grapes, so juicy
    A yungerman to channel Lucy

    Squeeze out wine and leave the jelly
    Wash your feet so they’re not smelly
    All day long we’ll keep you busy
    Making booze to get us dizzy

    Purple feet and tricorn hats
    Stomping grapes in great big vats
    Trump’s fake news and made-up facts
    Now “Falsheh” ads in phony tracts

    It’s time for ve’nahapoch hu
    Don’t trust what your eyes tell you
    We will gladly play the clown
    Now that Adar’s back in town

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