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  1. Mashiach 2009

    1. Bircat HaHamah – The Blessing on the Sun – Once every 28 years
    Since creation, there was only two times that the year we say Birkat HaHamah fell out on the 1st Day of Passover.
    The first was the year Hashem redeemed Israel form Egypt.
    The second was the year of Purim, when Hashem saved the Jews from the evil Haman, who wanted to kill and destroy all Jews.
    This year Birkat HaHamah falls out on the 1st Day of Passover. (which will be the 3rd time in history)
    When it was told to Hacham Ovadia Yosef, that this year Birkat HaHamah falls out on the 1st Day of Passover, he started crying like a baby.

    2. Chofetz Chaim in a Dream to His Student
    Recently the Chofetz Chaim came to one of his last living students in a dream several times and said that Mashiach is born. When this was told to Rabbi Elya Svei, he said he knew about this for over ten years.

    3. Rabbi Elya Svei Mashiach 2009, told to him from his Rebbe, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman
    In 2004 at a funeral of a Rebbe of Mirrer Yeshiva, Rabbi Elya Svei said that Mashiach is coming in 2009. He said its was told to him and calculated by his Rebbe, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, who was the top student of the Chofetz Chaim. Incidentally Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman wrote books and spoke about that the timing of Maschiach is comparable to a pregnant lady in her 9th month, which at any moment can give birth. Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman was murdered in the Holocaust, over 70 years ago, so in his times if Mashiach was so close, how much more so in our times more than 70 years later.

    4. The Collapse of the Stock Market, Wall Street, Financial Markets, Housing Markets, Mortgage Markets, Insurance Markets, Real Estate Markets
    Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merill Lynch, Wachovia, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Washington Mutual, Goldman Sachs
    And surely MORE to come.
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 8000 and dropped to a low of 7882

    5. The Iran dictator (Yemah Shemo) declaring he wants to wipe Israel of the globe and definitely has Nuclear Weapons.
    Since Hashem sent us a very good President George Bush, who is a true friend of Israel as well as shown that he want to eradicate terrorists, the Iranian Animal is petrified to start with Israel, but with this years election of a new President, who know what can happen.

    6. Barak Obama as President
    Hes young and inexperienced as well as questionable loyalty and friendship to Israel.
    With all that’s going on with our economy and global markets, in addition to Obama’s liberal viewpoints it seams very dangerous to have him as a commander in chief.
    7. Iceland & Greenland Ice Packs
    Iceland and Greenland is mostly comprised of ice. Scientist discovered that due to Global Warming, the shrinking of the Ozone Layer and the change in weather patterns, the ice packs in these two countries are starting to melt. They predict that in 5 to 10 years it will fully melt and the water (melted ice) would be added to the worlds oceans. This extra water, would increase sea level around the globe by 20 feet.
    Basically all homes, buildings etc, that are built on locations that are at sea level (which is a good portion society), will be under water. Hashem promised NEVER to bring a Mabul (flood) again. If this is set in motion to take place, then Mashiach, must come before this happens.

    8. Brisker Rav
    The Brisker Rav said during the Holocaust, that within 70 years Mashiach will come. 2009 is the 70th year.

    9. Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel
    Said this past Yom Kippur 2008, was the last Yom Kippur. Hes been telling everyone to do Teshuba beore Mashiach comes.

    10. Rav Chaim Kanievsky
    Chazon Ish (his Grandfather) and Rav Shach (one of his Rabbi’s) came to Rav Chaim Kanievsky in a dream and both told him to tell everyone to do Teshuba in order to get ready for Mashiach, whom is coming very soon.

    Its time to do TESHUBA!!!!!
    The Chofetz Chaim said that people whom are not worthy won’t even realize that Mashiach is here and whats going on.
    We MUST ALL make Teshuba & come close to Hashem.
    Send this to all the Jews you know.
    We need Mashiach desperately.


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