Photo: The Kushner Family Celebrating Chanukah

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  1. Beautiful glowing picture!

    Finally it is a pleasure to see Mrs A. Kushner dress modestly. Begging you, please dress like true Jewish malka and try to cover your hear. You will see it will elevate you, your husband and your family!

    Many brachot and wishes of happiness and wisdom

  2. It won’t be a kiddish Hashem if she covers her hair with a “typical yeshivish sheitel” aka cascading blonde highlighted curls just past the shoulders!

    Unfortunately she looks much more modest with her own hair demurely pulled back in to a simple pony.

    The hypocrisy of the sheitels today is just so obvious- that women who don’t cover their hair many times look way more modest than the frum women who do! Who are we fooling with these sheitels- almost all of them give the woman wearing it the appearance of a news anchor- with perfect shining lustrous hair. While underneath these wigs most women have regular frizzy matted hair.

    A kiddish Hashem indeed…

    • Maybe you cant afford to buy one you want and deserve and that’s OK.
      Think about that before you wholesale criticize yeraim and shelaimim, thats not gonna bring Moshiach.

  3. Sheitel, a Kiddush Hashem? Maybe the steelwool type that my grandmother used to wear. Not the $5k ones today which defeat the whole purpose of covering ones hair. And don’t forget all the makeup and designer clothing that women need to wear . All in the name of tzenius.

  4. Goodness gracious, Luz up! Good for them. I actually respected the fact that they had some privacy. Keep it that way. Not et they do is eo business.

  5. Soroleh –
    How about if WE buy you a nice natural hair wig to just above your shoulders in what is known as “Sheh’lo le’ganosah al baalah” would you then accept it as a small Kiddush HaShem? Maybe not for all women but for some yes?

    Lets not Judge the “news anchors” or others.


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