PHOTO: Vaccination Ad Goes Up In Brooklyn Targeting The Chassidic Community

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  1. Why are they only posting signs for chassidic communities who do not vaccinate when the fact is that non-Jewish affluent and well-educated parents do not vaccinate??? WE MUST NOT LET OURSELVES BE LED LIKE SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER and MUST FIGHT IT TO THE END.

  2. The sign was put up by the City of New York using our tax dollar’s. Don’t you lemechels realize that our freedoms have been completely stripped from us?! Or you’re so busy enjoying your summer vacation that you mindlessly think it doesn’t effect you? Idiots.

  3. Thanks NYC for posting this sign right opposite the famed Shomer Shabbos Shul in B.P. Good, popular location. We need more of these in other strategic locations just the same! Hopefully the dimwits among us will get the message!

  4. The message is one that looks good for us: Most Chassidic children ARE vaccinated, so the refusing few should get with the program…

    • you cant convince those who are already set in their ways but it could sway those undecided. just like voters Democrats or republican arent gonna vote across aisles. it’s the independents the politicians are after.

  5. While hundreds of thousands are protesting the dangerous deadly vaccination in California, the sheeple in Brooklyn are fighting for it.


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