Photos: Agudah Mission to Washington

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agudah-mission-to-washingtonAgudath Israel of America’s Board of Trustees and National Leadership kicked off its Agudah Mission to Washington with a series of sessions with the U.S. House of Representatives Leadership.

They met at the Capitol and discussed a range of issues affecting the Jewish Community.

See below for photos of the visit:

On The Bus

Walking to the Capitol

In Speaker Boehner’s Office
Speaker John Boehner
Speaker Boehner’s Chief of Staff Mike Sommers.
Congressman Edward R. Royce, Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee
Congressman John Kline Chairman of the Education Committee speaking with Rabbi Abba Cohen
With House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor

Meeting of the Board of Trustees and National Leadership of Agudath Israel at the Mayflower Renaissance in Washington D.C.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Let’s wake up and smell the HOT brewing coffee,

    Hashem is begging us not to vacation among non Yidden, why do we have to mingle with them, why do we have to dress like them, why to we enjoy what they they Goyim enjoy? why do we eat Goyishe foods like Pizza, Sushi, etc.

    Why? because we are not thinking enough of Hashems Torah.

  2. #3:

    I think you reposted in the wrong article.

    Also, I’m sure you are aware that one of the questions you will be asked at your final Din V’Cheshbon will be: ne’heneisa mei’olami?


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