Photos: Asifa in Boro Park to Discuss a Campaign for the New Heimishe Neighborhood in Linden, NJ (JDN)

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  1. fill in the blanks;
    a number of years ago one of the kossoner rebbes led an exploratory committee to find a quiet neighborhood w/ affordable housing not to far from brooklyn ,they found linden nj which has many yiddishe businesses and frum neighboring towns . in a mentchkich way they built a shul and bought some regular one family houses in the neighborhood . as of pesach approx 45-50 neutrel chassidish families have actually bought houses and moved . they have a shuttle bus to the schools in bp . they obviously need some money for infrastructure so they are making a campaign .

  2. Linden is for chasidim. Right next door, across the Rahway River, is developing a Litvish/Yeshivish community in Carteret NJ.
    Housing is both areas runs between $200,000 – $400,000 for a 3 -5 bedroom, single family home on a 6,500-7000 sq ft lot. Quiet communities with unlimited parking.
    Both communities are 30 minutes to Boro Park (60 & Fort Hamilton Prkwy) or County Line in Lakewood.

    • How can they both be 30 minutes away from Boro Park and Lakewood if it takes a lot more than an hour to get from Fort Hamilton in Boro Park to County Line in Lakewood direct?

      Why don’t people start going through from Lakewood to Boro Park through Linden to save time?

    • I learned in Linden for 2 years and it takes no less than 50 minutes to Lakewood, and 30 minutes to Boropark at 2 AM across the money hungry Verrazzano Bridge

    • take the bad with the good. look at the bright side, we can surf the internet because the asifa against it was only for men.


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