Photos: Annual Dinner in Boro Park for Kollel Chibas Yerushulayim-Tzedakas Rebbi Meir Baal Hanes (JDN)

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  1. I had an interesting thought tonight.

    Sadly, I am reflecting on a few negative experiences I have had as a growing Ba’al teshuvah in more affluent frum communities. It is often difficult to join some new synagogues if the ba’al teshuvah is regarded as an outsider due to past ready limits on his religious experience.

    Still, in interests of good Jewish faith, I will profess to this forum that Moses Rabbeinu was himself also in thought Ba’al Teshuvah and a Ba’al Teshuvah can be himself startled by Hashem when he is older in life.

    Moses was easily taken care of by the pharaoh in his days prior to knowing directly he had a role Hashem gave him to lead Israel. He sat at their table, dreamed in the pharaoh’s awe rash castle and knew the ways of the Egyptians before he became safe by Torah right safe future right.

    Could I be wrong or are our ba’al teshuvahs eager in a very Mosaic way? This gives me hope. More non-orthodox Israelites can find the exact way to learn is right indeed as it was for Moses.

    Just a thought. My dream eases as Torah grows but if there are integration problems for ba’al teshuvahs in more frum societies, one wonders if Moses is truely remembered for his rights and challenges himself.

    Still, we are in galus and must work harder to find geulah. We are not polite to harden the way for others but that may just be my minor experience so far with a few who do not welcome outsiders to more insular ease. That said, many are friendly and fear G-d eagerly to make sincere friendships. Still, if integration is not perfect, we must question what our whole strength is. K’lal yisrael must dare to keep every jew safe. And thus I gain greater Torah myself knowing ba’al teshuvah may not be the L-rds bad plan.



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