Photos: At a Satmar-Led Protest in Manhattan Against the Israeli Army Draft (JDN)

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  1. The protest appears to be orderly and dignified. As Americans the Satmer Chasidim shlita have a right to protest. Whether one agrees or disagrees it’s worthwhile to note how to properly protest.

    • Peleg Yerushalmi ALWAYS protest very properly but the police provocateurs make sure to instigate the peaceful protest and make them appear violent. Gedolei Yisroel are behind these protest and are very careful it should always be a kiddush Hashem which it b”H generally is.

      • Peleg Yerushalmi are a bunch of hoodlums who make the lives miserable for all citizens of Israel especially for the Chareidim, Plus they make irreparable Chilul hashem’s.

        • They are not hoodlums. Do you just insult at random? Do you know what a hoodlum is? They don’t break anything, they don’t assault anyone. That’s a hoodlum.

    • You are mostly correct on both points.

      (1)The protest is L’shem Shomayim by almost all attendees

      (2)There is no personal (or non-personal) gain out of it

    • Why bubby is it a chillul Hashem? The army doesn’t need Charedim. It has 17,000 soldiers too many. The military environment is the opposite of Judaism. this is a kiddush Hashem that these people stand up for their fellow frum Jews and for Torah ideals.

  2. This is a proof that the Torah is correct. The Mishna in Pirkay Avos says ”Bittul Yovo Liday Shomma”. These protests usually occur in the summer when they have nothing better to do with their time.

  3. Why is it a chilul hashem? Just because you dont agree with their beliefs does that give you a right to silence them? If we like freedom then we need to accept the opposing point of view and let them protest whether we like their opinions or not.

      • The comment was whether we agree with their point of view, not whether the facts are correct. If you know that there are ZERO frum girls being enlisted then you can certainly choose to not attend the protest.
        You dont care about the issue…we get it.
        But they do. And I bet if they had a protest about vaccinations that would be okay…right?

  4. Because it doesn’t accomplish anything, It only increases the hate to frume yidden in a time of hightened

  5. Who is this protest directed at. The people passing by on the street have no idea what they are protesting about, even if they did they couldn’t care less, and even if they did the Israelis in the consulate building are not concerned what a couple of random people on the street think. So not only does this serve zero purpose, standing on a street and holding signs in front of random people not only don’t know what the signs are about, but are completely ignoring them is not considered a protest at all.

  6. There is no Gius, Satmar just has nothing else 2 do in their life except 2 Trash Isreal, being that’s the case, pls ignore them, do every1 a favor learn 2 ignore & go on with ur life, as we say in Yiddish Vaiter, they know what that word means very well, ty, they have 2 much free time on their hands, they need 2 Stop this Grabage & get on with life

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