Photos: At the Bar Mitzvah of a Grandson of the Belzer Rebbe (Photos: Anshil Beck and Shuki Lerer)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Mazel Tov! May he become a great yoray Shomayim and a ehrlicher Yid!

    Curious! What is the second to the last picture? Seems strange!

    • That’s a bima clapper that is meant as a signal for everyone to be quiet. Don’t forget, there can be over a thousand people davening there at the same time and it’s impossible to know when the Chazzan/shliach tzibbur is going vaiter. That’s not an unusual thing. I’ve seen that in other Batei Medrashim.

  2. I once prayed in Belz. It seems that they have a whip on a leather pillow that tells people they are up to the next part of prayers. Not sure why they use it during the week , bot on Shabbat or you tov it really works.

  3. They have a system that someone stands at the bima & bangs every time they need to hear the chazzan. Due to the size of the oilam (ka”h), this is regular practice & has nothing to do with the simcha.

  4. Even though the Zaide and the Einikell are wearing the same glasses – as is deh tatteh – the einikel looks pretty cool in them. Cool is the wrong word. It should be hailig – he looks so heilig B”H.

  5. @Anon: You ask, “Why does everyone look so unhappy?” Is it possibility because being m’kabeil ohl Torah u’mitzvos is a serious matter? Is it possible that there still exists “a vinkle” or a few lone corners of the world where davenning, saying berachos, a dvar Torah, wearing tefillin, leining, and even eating, are all matters of avodas HaShem and require / demand koved rosh? Ya think? Is it possible it’s not about the bar and IS about the Mitzvah? Is it possible it’s not about the party, the presents, the clothes, the theme?

  6. It says this is a B”M (Bar Mitzvah) not a Bris, if this is the case why is there a pic of the Belzer Rebbe being Sandek, this is supposed to be a B”M not a Bris ? What’s going on here, could someone explain plz


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