Photos: At the Bar Mitzvah of a Grandson of the Viznitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak and the Spinka Rebbe (JDN)

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      • Great, you believe that masks are a folly. Are all the Covid related deaths a folly too? How many people got sick at the Belzer wedding a few weeks ago? Yup, all folly. How many more people have to die in order for you to get a clue? And yet, we are the idiots? Its funny, almost every store in Monsey has a sign indicating masks are required. These signs should be reworded as follows: Masks required unless you’re a chosid.

        • 1) NOT ONE PERSON died of coroney baloney. They all died from something else. Do some research and you’ll see for yourself. Give me “1” person who died of coroney baloney and did not have another sickness.
          2) FYI NOBODY got sick after the Belzer wedding and neither did anyone get sick after the 200,000 people protest in Minsk.
          3) YES, you are an idiot for believing a virus that was PLANNED in 2017 or 2018, at least over a year before it actually happened. Could you explain that?
          4) The stores in Monsey and elsewhere have to put up such signs “officially”. These signs should be reworded as follows: If you’re an idiot wear a mask even though it does not protect you against any virus. Show me 1 mask that protects against a virus.

        • If you wear a mask you’re protected (at least you think so), what do you care about those who don’t wear one? It’s like those idiots who are mad at those who don’t vaccinate. If you vaccinate, you’re safe, what do you care that others don’t want to vaccinate? It won’t harm you because you’re vaccinated.

        • Gloves are much more important and effective than these silly worthless masks. Viruses spread by touch. It’s the germs that spread to surfaces and stay there. Once a germ is on the table, wearing a mask the size of MetLife stadium, will not prevent anything if you go ahead and touch that table with your bare hands. Such dumb gullible lemechels.
          This all about government control. You people are so stupid. You would be the first ones to enter the cattle cars, single file please. Government said so. Showers will be given upon arrival.

        • Nebech! A sane person would not wear a mask unless they get a fine for not wearing one. There are many neighborhoods and shuls in Israel and elsewhere where nobody wears a mask and never did and neither was there ever any social distancing since the coroney baloney started.

          An Amish man was asked how their community was faring in regards to the coronavirus? He said he doesn’t know anyone sick with this virus. And was asked, why do you think that is so? He replied because we do not watch television or listen to radio. How true! Exactly what lehavdel the Bahusher Rebbe shlit”a and other Gedolei Yisroel said. Which is why their shuls and yeshivos were never closed and nobody got sick.

  1. #1, in March and April when everyone was wearing masks people were dying. And now when people are not wearing masks for the past 3 months people are not dying. So I ask you , what does the mask actually do ?

    • people weren’t wearing mask in March and April you have your timelines off. it started like in May or somthing. you also don’t realize that Corona dropped down in the north east at the same time social distancing and mask wearing started be taken seriously. hopefully people don’t squander the gains!

    • The problem was that in March when it all started the only masks people wore were Purim masks. Most people didn’t start wearing masks until after the dying started and by then it was too late. And even then many in the frum community still didn’t put on masks. There were secret minyanim without masks non-stop. I know of one such minyan in which many of the attendees caught the virus and they still continued the minyan.
      The answer to your question as to what does the mask actually do is, “NOTHING IF YOU DON’T WEAR IT!”

    • 1) Daas Torah has been to follow the law of the land. In tri-state area most people are wearing masks where and when required. I was recently in NYC and in Brooklyn, and live in the Lakewood area. Without a doubt, most Yidden were fully compliant with all regulations.

      2) Contrary to the wishful thinking of so many people, there is not only one “daas Torah.” Each community has its poskim, dayanim, Rabbonim, etc. Each have the medical experts from whom guidnace is sought, and based on whom decissions are made.

  2. I’d like to ask each critic of masks and those say that there’s no such thing as covid-19(that’s the official name since there are several different kinds of corona viruses) wha t is your medical education and work experience? It’s a legitimate question.


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