Photos: At the Bar Mitzvah of a Great-Grandson of the Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Rebbe (JDN)

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  1. Why is the Bar Mitzvah Bachur wearing a Shtreimel, I thought only by the Chasunah is a Shtreimel worn, not before ?

  2. The minhag in Toldos Aron and Toldos Avrohom Yitschok as in this case is that at the bar mitzvoh the boy wears a shtraimel,then the next time he wears one is when he gets married,which normally is just a few years later.

    • Not exactly. They START wearing it at their Bar Mitzvah continuing for the rest of their lives. At their wedding they get a new one.

  3. Acc to what your saying that if it’s true that they wear a shtreimel all the way till their Chasunah, what is the reason for that ? No other Chassidish group does this, not Satmar, Ger, Skver, Belz, Bobov, Sanz – Klozenberg, is there a reason for this ? If yes I would appreciate it if u could share with us, Also another issue being that they Chasunah very very young like 18 how do u know who is a yingerman & who is a Bachur

  4. Why does this bother you all ? At least these chassidim are not sitting at their computer poking fun at anybody.
    Get a Jewish Life.

  5. To no. 3….if it’s correct what you stated that they continue wearing a shtraimel all the way through then that’s something i didn’t know… no. 4,how does one diffrentiate between a yingerman and a bochur,you asked ?…simple….ask him to recite מה יקר חסדך which we say after עטיפת הטלית… no. 5….who’se poking fun at anyone ? This was a quite serious discussion….You’re not bothered ? Then don’t comment,no one asked you to butt in here….

  6. No, i admit i do not know why…..must be a good reason though…..maybe we should ask why all the others do differently to this chassidus…..

  7. The reason they were a shtreimel before bar mitzvah is based on a comment of Rav Pinchos Koritzer who says שבת ר״ת שטריימל במקום תפילין therefore as sonn as they start wearing tefillin they also wear a shtreimel. But I don’t know why other chassidim don’t wear one.


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