Photos: At the Levayah of Rebbetzin Malka Charna Mendlowitz a”h, Daughter of the Serdaheli Rov (JDN)

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    • You’re a doctor like I am if you can write such a dumb post. And which “yidd” would compare ochlai nevailot u’terafot to a Jewish levaye? Are you a yidd? B”H most chareidim have woken up to the mask fraud. When will sheeple like you wake up?

      • how is that relevant to brooklyn? you automatically assume this person isnt against that? way to put words in their mouth!

    • Negligence? It’s called awakening. MASKS ARE FOR PURIM. THAT WAS ALMOST 1/2 YEAR AGO. These people have b”H awakened to the mask nonsense that kills those wearing them and does NOT protect others. (Check hospitals how many are coming in with breathing problems.) Wearing masks for the coronavirus decreases oxygen intake, increases toxin inhalation, shuts down immune system, increases virus risk, scientifically inaccurate, effectiveness not studied.

    • To Shmuel I don’t know where you live, but here in Boro Park Masks and Social distancing are a distant memory(for at least those under 60) since before Shavuos and for some since Lag Bamoer. Shmuel time to join us.

    • Because that community has reached hurd immunity. B”H there hasn’t been any new cases in almost 2 months bli eyen hara. If a particular danger has passed, there is no need for those restrictions. If you’re jealous that your community still has it and you must wear a mask in 98 degree temperature, daven to the borei olam that it should come to an end. Other than that, mind your own business. Have a nice tisha biav.

    • and you talk like a child who assumes “as long as they cars dont hit them it’s ok to jaywalk across a busy intersection.” we still dont mix fish and meat from ancient times for safety. we rinse salt from our hands after eating meals. and yet when it comes to present day dangers people scoff.

    • you do realize even if their is herd immunity it doesnt work if 100 people are standing around and can infect those who arent immune. the idea with herd immunity is that those who are immune act as barriers between the non immune. in a situation like this I would imagine theirs a chance of covid spreading if anybody has the active virus and anybody is not immune!

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