Photos: At the Levayah of the Sanz-Gribover Rebbe zt”l (JDN)



  1. Is the corona virus gone completely from NYC? Of late, all the pictures of large gatherings (tishim, levayos) have NOONE wearing a mask, no social distancing, older people mixed with and next to younger people.
    Did I miss something in the news?

    • Can’t blame anyone born with forked brains. If you haven’t yet realized that corona virus is sheer nonsense, nothing will wake you up. Your entire post is pure madness.

    • Quickly. Run back to your Mommy’s basement. Put on 20 masks and 8 pairs of gloves. This way you’ll be the one who will live forever. Don’t dare venture outside or daven with a sinners Minyan where you’d come in close contact with evil wicked people. Layla tov.

    • Yes, coronavirus stopped when the murdering stopped in the hospitals – right after Pesach. After that, it was sickness as usual.


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