Photos: At the Wedding of Naftali Lerer, Son of Renowned Photographer Shuki Lerer (JDN)

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  1. Such an interesting group of people that he’s able to attract to his chasanah…The guy with the blue suit and the glasses is the mechuten, cool guy!

  2. Wow. Impressive array of Rabbonim, Rebbes, Chachamim, etc… They clearly outdid a Rechnitz & Yossel Taback wedding.
    Where did the Chosson actually learn? In a Litvishe Yeshiva or a Chassidishe one?

  3. Years ago Rabbanim used to hide their faces so as not to be photographed.
    Today they come in droves to curry favor with a famous photographer.
    For shame.

  4. C’mon M. Segal! Please! He’s a fine yid who has a relationship with a lot of different rabbonim. Don’t be so cynical


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