Photos: At the Wedding of the Belzer Rebbe’s Grandson (JDN)

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    • Those who understand that corona is 5G radiation do not wear masks since masks do not protect against radiation, nor are masks protection against any virus as medical personnel, including the cdc and who, have been saying all along.

      • masks kill? interesting. where are all the asian people for the past 30 years dropping dead on the streets? its been a part of their culture for years and you dont exactly see people dying left and right from it. but the places where theres no social distancing and no masks were hit hard. this isnt difficult. look at the places where there was social distancing and the places there werent. look at sweden and then look at new zealand. look at objective results and reach a conclusion (this is assuming you entertain these ridiculous conspiracy theories in the first place). dont just spew garbage, its very obvious that masks and social distancing work, as is evident from the countries that implemented and the countries that didnt.

  1. B”H there was no social distancing and they didn’t wear those silly dangerous masks at the wedding only outside by the chupah not to aggravate the police and some idiots who still believe that masks and social distancing protect anybody.

  2. Please help me to understand!
    Why no masks?
    Why no distancing?
    Where are the brains behind this?
    Such publicity of disobedience is disgraceful!
    A) it’s the law! B) It’s a health hazard!
    Haven’t people died? Even a questionable life and death matter requires us to tend to the sick individual on the Sabbath even if Sabbath violations are necessary! Why is this any less?

    • The Rebbe shlit”a is a very smart man, a godol beyisroel. He knows what many others don’t that masks and distancing is all shtus and there’s absolutely no health hazard. His yeshivos are b”h opened for months and b”h everyone is healthy. Nobody walks around in Belz with masks. Actually, the ones whose yeshivos are still closed and their shuls still closed are in danger begashmius and beruchniyus. The problem is that you and some guys above yours believe msm conspiracies and don’t have the courage to investigate.


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