Photos: At the Wedding of the Youngest Daughter of Rav Chaim Mendel Brodsky to Dovid Kreiser, Son of Rav Eliezer Yehuda Kreiser

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  1. Okay, I can (reluctantly)understand why you won’t publish the kallah’s picture. But doesn’t she have a name? Isn’t she at least entitled to have her own identity rather than just being someone’s daughter??

  2. Her identity is ״בת תלמיד חכם״.
    That’s the way the גמרא discusses her identity and value as it pertains to marriage.

  3. @Lessor – Perhaps you are correct, and I would most humbly and, with the knowledge I don’t have all the answers and don’t always understand, ask my Rebbeim. However, I would like to suggest the following.

    There is a well known rule that the Torah definition of any word or concept may be learned from the first time that idea or concept is found in the Torah. About the first wife we are told she is called “ishah for she was taken from ish.” Throughout the ages, even among non-Jews, women, upon becoming wed to their husbands, took their husband’s name; without hyphens. Mrs. Jacob Isaacs, Mrs. Isaac Abrahams, the Satmar Rebbetzin, or simply the Rebbetzin. That is because they identified themselves with and through their husbands. They defined themselves with and through their husband’s goals and outlooks. Among the non-Jews, there is an entire etiquette concerning, for example, how to address an almanah. Is she still Rebbetzin Amram Levy or is she now referred to as Rebbetzin Shifra Levy. But even as an almanah she relates to, IDENTIFIES with, her husband.

    In addition, we are directed/instructed by the Torah to marry our son to a bas Talmid Chacham. So it should not be surprising, if not fully understood, why the kallah should be referred to as her father’s daughter, or her husband’s wife.

    I might also add that we have no need to know her first name as certainly we would not refer to her using that name even if we were neighbors or old family friends.


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