Photos: Atzeres Tefillah in Yerushalayim to Protest Giyus Bnei Hayeshivos (JDN)

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  1. ובשלטון Hahooligans אין אנו מאמינים
    How about to make an Atzeres Hatefila to stop these hooligans from disrupting the lives of the innocent people who would want to go on with their lives.
    To go בדרך התורה and be מקדש שם שמים there is no need to stop the buses and beat up others.

  2. To keep the chilonim happy, the Israeli government passed a law that all the chareidim have to register for the draft and then to keep the chareidim happy they put enough clauses in so that chareidim would never get drafted. All they had to do is register and get their “Get Out of Jail (draft) Free” card.

    If stupidity was a crime, all members of Peleg Yerushalayim and its leadership would get multiple life sentences.

  3. And what would these people do if a group of Arabs came into their neighborhoods, take out a Tehillim–and that’s it? Suddenly the Tzeva wouldn’t be so Tamei. What prodigous blindness and ingratitude.


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