Photos: Avraham Fried Fills in for Flu-Stricken MBD at RCCS Flatbush Dinner


avraham-fried[Photos below.] The Third Annual Flatbush Dinner for the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) was held Motzoei Shabbos at The Palace on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn with a packed crowd of an appreciative supporters.

Founded in 1997 by businessman Hershel Kohn, the organization helps fund insurance policies (over 2000 to date) and has spent over $25 million on behalf of patients stricken by the ‘yene machla’, including some Crown Heights residents and Lubavitchers in other cities.

Absent from the dinner was the evening’s scheduled musical entertainer, Mordechai Ben David Werdyger, who was slated to perform together with his son, Yeedle Werdyger.

Levi Liberow, a photographer who was covering the event, said that organizers had told the crowd the MBD had canceled his show after catching the flu.

Instead, RCCS secured another Jewish music star, Avrohom Fried. Fried gave an uplifting show for the appreciative crowd.

Joining him were Yeedle, the Hamezamrim choir and composer and musician Yossi Green.

See below for photos:

{COLlive/Photos by Photography by Levi/}


  1. Avrohom Fried covering for MBD is an act of selflessness and strikes down the petty infighting we so often see. Kol Hakavod Reb Avrohom – and Refuah Shhelmah to Reb Mordechai!


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