Video, Photos: Chabad Annual Shluchim Photo Shoot in Crown Heights


It wasn’t easy getting 4,000 Rabbis to stay still, but Shluchim Yossi Lazaroff, Chaim Lazaroff and Shmueli Brown pulled it off.

Here are photos of the annual Lubavitch Shluchim group photo taken this morning in Crown Heights, courtesy of

Photos: Benams




  1. These people have their own holidays, their own Torah they learn, their own moshiach.
    This is why they’re so successful at fundraising. The yetzer hara doesn’t interefere. Just like it doesn’t interefere when people give money to support uja’s and the like.

  2. The wives of the shluchim are called shluchim. They are full partners with their husbands in the work they do. They have their own convention in crown heights around chov beis she vat.


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