Photos: Chabad European Kinnus Hashluchim in Moscow (JDN)


A79T4999 (Copy) A79T5200 (Copy) A79T5243 (Copy) A79T5245 (Copy) A79T5247 (Copy) A79T5252 (Copy) A79T5295 (Copy) A79T5297 (Copy) A79T5303 (Copy) A79T5308 (Copy) A79T5330 (Copy) A79T5353 (Copy) A79T5371 (Copy) A79T5487 (Copy) A79T5503 (Copy) A79T5549 (Copy) A79T5558 (Copy) A79T5562 (Copy) A79T5570 (Copy) A79T5598 (Copy) A79T5614 (Copy) A79T5631 (Copy) A79T5644 (Copy) A79T5659 (Copy) A79T5697 (Copy) A79T5720 (Copy) A79T5739 (Copy) A79T5786 (Copy) A79T5792 (Copy) A79T5867 (Copy) A79T5901 (Copy) A79T5909 (Copy) A79T5999 (Copy) A79T6035 (Copy) A79T6055 (Copy) A79T6083 (Copy) A79T6107 (Copy) A79T6116 (Copy) A79T6154 (Copy) A79T6329 (Copy) A79T6424 (Copy) A79T6429 (Copy) A79T6445 (Copy) A79T6509 (Copy) A79T6554 (Copy) A79T6639 (Copy) A79T6699 (Copy) A79T6730 (Copy) A79T6748 (Copy) A79T6864 (Copy) A79T6913 (Copy) A79T6921 (Copy) A79T7001 (Copy) A79T7052 (Copy) A79T7145 (Copy) A79T7205 (Copy) A79T7230 (Copy) A79T7239 (Copy) A79T7272 (Copy) A79T7532 (Copy) A79T7536 (Copy) A79T7544 (Copy) A79T7690 (Copy) A79T7842 (Copy) A79T7886 (Copy) A79T7911 (Copy) A79T7915 (Copy) A79T7918 (Copy) A79T7927 (Copy) A79T7931 (Copy) A79T7963 (Copy) A79T7967 (Copy) A79T7979 (Copy) A79T8004 (Copy) A79T8019 (Copy) A79T8027 (Copy) A79T8047 (Copy) A79T8055 (Copy) A79T8091 (Copy) A79T8123 (Copy)


  1. Mission mitzvah. But the gold is often their connection. Russia has still not given them back their books. The L-rd might have a captivity for their office.


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