Photos: Chanukas Habayis of New Mikvah in Russia Made of Pure Gold

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This past week, the chanukas habayis of a brand new mikvah in the Sokolniki neighborhood of Moscow, Russia, was celebrated.

The gorgeous new mikvah was sponsored by a number of generous benefactors, including, Boruch Bentzion Gurwicz, Issey Zekrib, and the Chanzin family.

The mikvah is unique in many ways, not the last of which is the fact that it was built with pure gold.

The event was attended by Jews from all over the city, as well as guests from Eretz Yisroel, who were all welcomed by Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, who honored the guests with affixing mezuzos to the mikvah building.

Rabbi Lazar praised the donors for embracing the opportunity to participate in the glorifying and strengthening of the mitzvah of mikvah.

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, rov of Tzefas, was one of the distinguished guests from Israel. Another was Zevulun Yakubov, who worked hard to ensure the construction of the mikvah proceeded.

Rabbi Avraham Beckerman addressed the assemblage.


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  1. It can be used to draw a crowd and explain the importance. BTW what type of car do u have, what’s our house like , what do u spend ur money on? So people are spending it on mitzvos ashrei mi……

  2. At first i also thought it’s crazy but you have to understand that in Moscow even their train stations have marble walls and tiled floors. So to make the mikvah more impressive and to attract the ladies who have never been to mikvah it might be a good idea.
    And from the pictures it looks like its pure gold plated.

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