Photos: Chassidishe Kollel Opens in Baltimore

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baltimoreBaltimore, MD – The moment has finally arrived, as the long awaited Kollel L’eHoroah: The Chassidishe Kollel of Baltimore was finally inaugurated last Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh Elul.

Preparations have been in full swing, setting up the infrastructure for the kollel, for the past three months, as close to twenty new chassidishe yungeleit and their families have settled in Baltimore. Most of the families are living in the newly renovated Pinkney Court Apartments, on the corner of Park Heights and Pinkney Avenues. Even before the official start of the zman, community members  commented on “the changing face of Baltimore.”

Since Tisha B’Av, the yungeleit have been arriving and settling into their new homes.  The families have all expressed amazement at the warm welcome they are receiving from their neighbors, and from the Baltimore community as a whole. And community members have expressed hakaras hatov to the directors of the kollel, thanking them for bringing in such choshuva bnei Torah. As one commented, “ Thank you for bringing the kollel to Baltimore. I had a chance to talk to one of the yungeleit in learning this morning, and he is a truly amazing and wonderful chassidishe ben Torah.”

Last Shabbos, Parshas Re’eh, a Shabbaton was held in Baltimore at Bnos Yisroel. The Shabbaton included tefillos at Eitz Chaim, which were attended by an overflow crowd; a community wide Kiddush,which provided community members a chance to meet the yungeleit and the Rosh Kollel; Shabbos seudos at Bnos Yisroel; and a melaveh malkah. The events were all a great success, as participating Rabbanim, the kollel yungeleit and their families, and community members, enjoyed becoming acquainted with each other.

Harav Hershel Rosenfeld is serving as the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Le’Horoah, and the Rav of the newly established Khal Chassidim. Rabbi Rosenfeld has decades of experience in chinuch and Rabbanus. He was Rosh Kollel of the Sadigura Kollel in Eretz Yisrael; a Dayan in the Beis Din Mechon Le’Horoah in Monsey, under the leadership of Harav Ezriel Tauber; a mechanech in the Belz Mosdos in Monsey and – most recently – Rosh Yeshivah and Menahel Ruchani of Mosdos Nadvorna in Bnei Brak for fifteen years. Rabbi Rosenfeld has semichah from numerous Gedolim, including the Makover Rav, the Debretziner Rov and Harav Wosner, zt’l, and ybcl”c, Harav Roth (the Belzer Dayan), the Pupa Rov and the Klausenberger Dayan, shlita.

According to Rabbi Rosenfeld, the kollel’s goal is to, “build up Rabbanim”  through an intensive five-year learning program.  The yungeleit of the kollel are comprised of chassidishe bnei Torah who have learned in many of the most prestigious yeshivos in the world.  Rabbi Rosenfeld explained that learning is paramount for these yungeleit, who strive to grow in Chassidus and yiras Shamayim.

The kollel plans to create learning opportunities for members of the Baltimore community, including establishing morning and evening learning programs,  yarchei kallah, and special visits by leading local, national and internationally-renowned Rabbanim who will address the yungeleit and members of the kehillah in matters of halachah

Caravans were sent up this past week on Park Heights Avenue, between Parkington and Menlo, and will serve as the initial home of the kollel, and the kehillah Khal Chassidim, until the completion of thekollel building at 6116 Park Heights Avenue. For the next week, davening and learning is taking place at Eitz Chaim and Congregation Tiferes Yisroel, until the caravans are ready. For further information about the kollel, inquiries may be sent to or by calling 410-764-3200.

Harav Hershel Rosenfeld is the Rosh Kollel of Kollel Le’Horoah, and the Rav of the newly established Khal Chassidim.

Below: Caravans arrive on Thursday, Aug. 20

Story and photos: Baltimore Jewish Life

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  1. i wish them and the CHOSHOV Baltimore Kehilah en-mass to GROW TOGETHER and in a way that would make Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman proud

    also on a side note someone should get them into Kiruv if it fits them

  2. baltimore was home to two chassididhe k’hillos before this kollel arrived: rabbi yitzchok sternhel , zt”l, and rav amrom taub, zt”l. in fact. the school now known as torah institute, is really yeshivas kochav yitzchok after rav sternhel’s sefer (from its former name yeshiva shearis hapletah). as for Rabbi taub, he was “into” kiruv’ before it was popular . everyone felt welcomed by this man who barely spoke english, newly arrived iranians, new baalei teshuvah, all found a place in his shul. while i am happy for and proud of the baltimore community, let us not forget all that has come before which allowed this new kollel to be welcome there

  3. B”H.
    Hatzlocho Rabbo to the new Chasidishe Kollel

    Now I’ll have a place to daven Nisich Sefard when I visit Baltimore.

  4. With children living in Baltimore, I periodically go there for Shabbosos and Yomim Tovim.
    I usually daven At Rav Taub’s Shul.
    The father, Reb Amram ZT”L, was a unique ehrliche Rov, simply a Tzaddik and warm hearted individual.
    I have a blown up photo of him in my Sukkah, in Boro Park, since he passed away.

    He was a trailblazer for the Nussach Sefard and chassidishe community of Baltimore.


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