Photo: Chovevei Torah Talmudic Chair Ysoscher Katz Posts Kefirah in Honor of 9/11

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  1. His comparison of Sept. 11 to the Torah account of Sedom and Avraham Avinu’s remarks there is incorrect and inappropriate. The situations differ greatly.

    Offensive, and off the mark.

      • Anyone who knows basic chumash will realize what a great difference there is between the maaseh of Avraham Avinu and Sedom and (lehavdil elef havdolos) Katz here.

        At Sedom, it was destroyed by Hakodosh boruch Hu directly. So Avrohom avinu addressed his question to HKB”H, asking if there were a number of tzadikim there it would be lacking in mishpat. And HKB”H was maskim to him.

        On Sept. 11 it was not destroyed by Hashem directly from shomayim, as by Sedom. Rather, evil terrorists, yemach shemom vezichrom, did it.

  2. “emphatic deceleration”


    I think he meant to write “emphatic declaration”

    Not only is the religious part of the post deficient, even the English language is!

    Open Orthodoxy tolerates deficient English?


  3. why is this lowlife’s comment even worthy of being posted. He’s a sick, bitter man who left a great family and life for no other reason than to just get some attention. Every person seeking attention uses his best tool or talent to attain it. His tool is a “good head” he was once a talmud chochom and possesses a good head. But for attention seeking sakes he has became a kofer and will use his knowledge to twist and turn the words of god. He knows the truth and loves that we are talking about his kfira; nothing more than the behavior of a little 2nd grader seeking attention. The only difference is the tool being used to attain it and the fact that this guy has ruined his life and everyone else close to him too….

  4. Is this כפירה?

    If it is inappropriate but not כפירה, then by calling it כפירה you are exaggerating his actions. You might find justification for publicizing a misdeed, despite the risk/cost of it increasing חילול ה by giving an עבירה greater exposure. If the person never committed such עבירה then it would be frivolous חילול ה.

    His post sounds to me like he is describing a struggle that he has, without declaring any conclusions. It could very well have been written by someone who believes in ה and is tormented by something akin to צדיק ורע לו. We say צדקתך despite not knowing the answer. How terrible would it be for someone to say during difficult times that the question bothers them? (Note: he does NOT declare that he WILL say it with a question mark.)

    I understand there is a long history here. I urge you to criticize carefully.

    • Then that should be a personal quiet struggle and not something publicized. He should seek his answers in a more extensive and private way rather than letting the hamon aam; which most of who listens to him are am haaratzim and he knows that hear words that will leave them questioning the existence and chessed of god. These days with pop culture out there; you find any singer or performer not even making sense in their lyrics or not even singing perfectly but for their outrageous presentation and ridiculous expressions they gain millions of followers… There is nothing right about this. And Y katz knows what he’s doing. He is doing this for propoganda sake; to get everyone to talk and to bring chalishus hadaas into the minds of the “real believers”. His family is suffering greatly from his actions; he’s a man without a conscience. I never understood when someone described a person as being 101%… This is it! he has a brilliant head but has nothing else that can be respected. He is very childish when it comes to anything being the level of his learning brains; thus causing him to sound so shallow and crooked.

    theres no reason for all of us to read it. Why do you go about looking for things like this to post. You’ll be responsible for this kfirah if you publicize…

  6. I would say that just after the 9-11 i will say much more the צדקתך because i see that we dont understand anything hashem makes and we dont need to understand like hashem told for איוב. היכן היתה ביסדי ארץ so i belive what ever hashem dose is right so i say the צדקתך with a straight face
    and u mr. katz i fell bad for you because u just looking for someone to look at you

  7. If a reader should want to read garbage, there are many, many websites where such urge can be brought all the way to the point of disgust.


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