Photos: Davening At The Kever In Union Field Cemetery Of Rav Yaakov Yosef Zt”L, New York’s Only Chief Rabbi, On His Yahrtzeit (Jdn)

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  1. Interesting to point out, that he was considered a Mitnagid to Chassidim in his lifetime (i.e. a native from Kovna/Vilna etc.) and its Chassidim that are flocking now to his Kever with ‘Kvitlach’!
    In any case, may this true Gadol who was moser nefesh for Klal Yisrael be a Meiltz Yosher for us all!

  2. The reason so many from Williamsburg in particular, and from chasiddim in general, visit his kever, is because the Satmar Rav – the Divrei Yoel – held very much from him, in particular his of mesirus nefesh for kashrus.


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