Photos: Dinner For The Belzer Kollel In Boro Park (JDN)

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  1. Beautiful pictures where b”h nobody wears masks, gloves and there’s no social distancing and other meshugasen. Please post such lovely pictures daily to get the coronas out of the heads of the sheeple.

    • Don’t you see how they’re all b”H healthy and fine BECAUSE they’re not inhaling carbon dioxide and their blood, heart, lungs, liver, brains are getting enough oxygen? Did you go out since Jan 2020? I’d advise you to stay home masked up 24 hours and you’ll live forever.

    • but don’t you get it? their inconvenience isn’t worth one Jewish life being save. remeber that next time people try to underscore Yiddishe priorities of lifesaving. apparently it doesn’t go far.


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