Photos: Egypt President El-Sisi Receiving A Delegation Of Orthodox Jews Headed By Ezra Friedlander In His Palace In Cairo Promising To Renovate Shuls And Cemeteries

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  1. Let us look past the PR fluff to get a true picture of the situation in Egypt now.

    JNS recently had a report about the 2019 Cairo book fair, held just a short while ago, where classic anti-semitic tracts, such as MEIN KAMPF, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, and Henry Ford’s THE INTERNATIONAL JEW were being marketed.

    The US embassy protested, both verbally and in writing, but the Egyptian government didn’t remove them even though material opposing it was rejected in the past.

    So the US Embassy closed its booth. Bravo to them.

    See story at

    But then what happens a few days later? A delegation of self-appointed leaders, led by self-appointed Ezra Friedlander, comes to flatter the Egyptian government as if they were great tzadikim.

    What kind of a farce is this?


  2. The Egyptian government newspaper Al Ahram just published a column, earlier in the month, claiming that the Holocaust is a deception used by Zionists to take over the world.

    Another recent similar episode from Egyptian TV here –

    Another –

    Those are just a few recent examples.

    The fact is that vicious anti-semitism is widespread in Egypt to this day.

    Where is the compensation for all the property sized by Egypt from Jews who used to live there over the last century?

    Friedlander is making it like Sadat, Sisi, and Egypt are great tzadikim, when the truth is far from that.

    Instead of making a chillul Hashem, he and his fellow travelers should leave these things to professionals like Malcolm Hoenlein, rather than to people who are nogeia bedavar, who use such photo ops to promote their PR business, like Friedlander.

  3. Is there even one Egyptian Jew in this delegation, who knows the truth about the record of Egypt and the Jews?

    I see Chasidim from Boro Park, a Syrian Jew, an Iranian Jew, a Litvak from Flatbush, a Hungarian Jew. Those are the ones fawning over the Egyptian government at a photo op.

    Egypt wants help from the USA, so they are throwing a few crumbs at “leaders” who don’t know much about them.

    More at

    Let is not be so foolish as to be so easily duped, both by Egyptian PR, and local PR.

  4. You forgot to mention the main thing here – Friedlander campaigning to get Congressional gold medal for Anwar Sadat.

    Matzav, keep your eye on the ball please.


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