Photos: Erev Sukkos 5781 in Williamsburg (JDN)

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    • Being Motzei laaz on Kllal Yisroel in middle of Succos, right before Hoshana raba, is a perfect recipe for you to have a terrible year full of eyen hora. Good luck.

  1. Great job. Keep putting out photos of unmasked jews. Noone else has access to this site besides jews surely no reporter or government has permission to access this site and see the pictures and articles. Where will your pride take you?

  2. you should not be publishing these pictures this year- so few masks- and even some who were wearing masks were not wearing them properly. it is a kitrug on klal yisroel.

    • Hey lady, this is the 3rd time you made the same stupid comment. You’re not a rav. You’re a nobody. Why don’t you do something more productive with your life?

  3. To all the moisrim: masks don’t prevent anything. The only thing that the masks are good for is to make idiots feel better; oh, and to show obedience to the socialist-fascist Democrats. Please don’t be an obedient idiot. However, if you must be an idiotic snitch, wear a tightly-fitted polyethylene mask – you’ll do the world a favor.

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