Photos: Flatbush Rabbonim Meet On Challenging Community Issues at FJCC Conference

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Over fifty Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva from all segments of the greater Flatbush area including the Sephardic, Chasidishe, Russian, and Yeshiva communities joined together last week to discuss an array of vital issues facing the Flatbush community.

The meeting was coordinated by the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition. The FJCC unites and represents the greater Flatbush Jewish community, New York’s largest, on communal, civic and political concerns.


Presentations were given by experts on important social issues, including addictions and abuse by Rabbi Zvi Gluck, Amudim; Rabbi Binyomin Babad, Relief Resources, and Rabbi Zev Dunner, Torah Umesorah.


Rabbi Yisroel Reisman addressed the need for community involvement in the revitalization of the Flatbush Mikvah, while Rabbi Daniel Osher Kleinman reported on developments since the last Rabbonim meeting, advancing the innovative Machane Kodesh program to create a technology standard for our homes and families.

Rabbi Ezra Rodkin and Rabbi Yaakov Shulman gave an update on the committee of Flatbush Rabbonim who recently met with City officials addressing community concerns.

Also discussed were plans to address the shortage of community housing, and a new program to help needy families. Rabbi Yossi Asknazy presented a novel community chesed project, and Mr. Albert Kahn discussed the importance of encouraging all to have life insurance.

Many of the participating Rabbonim expressed appreciation for the opportunity to come together to discuss these important issues.

Rabbi David Ozeri stated “It was a zechus to meet together with so many chashuva Roshei Yeshiva and Rabbonim from across our community on these concerns. We look forward to great results.”


Rabbi Mordechai Twerski explained that “The Rabbonim are facing the toughest challenges in our community. They need and want to meet these challenges. It is essential that the Rabbonim take upon themselves responsibility through which Klal Yisroel can gain true Torah guidance!”

Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Leiff stated “It is important for our Rabbonim to meet on common relevant issues. It is through this type of united effort that we can effectively accomplish great things for our Flatbush Kehila.”

The meeting was chaired by Josh Mehlman, chairman of the FJCC, and hosted by Rabbi Aharon Harari-Raful at Congregation Keter Torah.


  1. Beautiful! A discussion of the alarming rate of divorce lo aleinu would also be important. Divorce proceedings are also extremely lengthy and costly. The damage to the children and families is unfathomable r’l. Methods to streamline the process should be sought. I propose mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method.


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