Photos: For First Time, Zaka Uses Black Garbage Bag to Cover Terrorist Shot Dead at Shar Sh’chem

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Photos: Ichud Hatzolah

{ Israel}


  1. It’s not a garbage bag, its a regular body bag the type Zaka has use for years before the PR department designed the current ones.

  2. What does this signify? Do they usually not cover a terrorist at all, or do they use something else as a cover? Is a black garbage bag a step up in “kavod hameis” or a step down? Please explain your headlines.

  3. Is this a step up or down in “kavod hameis”? Do they normally not cover a terrorist’s body at all, or do they use some other covering? Please explain your headlines.

  4. Not sure how exactly is this going to help. I also fail to understand how recent terrorists are any different than terrorists up to now. Using a garbage bag has no useful practical effect and no deterrence; it may be a strong political statement (it reminds me of the cremation of Eichmann’s body and disposal of ashes), but it seems to me that dealing respectfully with dead bodies, as it was done up to now – amid no less horrific attacks and murders – is one more mitzva to protect us.

  5. If only you would also throw them in the trash where they belong instead of giving them the respect of being burried.
    Terrorists who survive should be left in a cell to die of their wounds instead of being fed and taken care of by OUR money so they can be later freed and come back at us again. And when they die just like the ones that do die they should be wrapped in pig skin and thrown in the trash where they belong. There is no chiyuv to burry them especially when you consider how much you charge jews to be burried in Israel, they certainly don’t deserve a place again paid by US!
    Enough with this. The reality is that real instigator of terrorism is Israel because of its policies regarding terrorists and its policies regarding Jews who defend themselves. I am not speaking of those who act like them but of those who try to save their lives and have to face israeli court because they had the “nerve” to save their lives.
    The world will always condemn us however you may try to suck up to them. Just look at Ban Ki Moon’s comment today! It’s time to do teshuva and give these terrorists the treatment they really deserve for if we do teshuva than Hashem will surely save us and in the meantime real action will perhaps truly somewhat deter these terrorists.

  6. Some professor and expert on Arab affairs said that the only thing that would deter a terrorist is the threat that his mother and sisters would be mistreated as a result of his actions. He emphasized that he wasn’t advocating doing it, just stating that nothing else will deter a potential terrorist

  7. Very simple. They use a plain black body bag – not the white “ZAKA” ones to distinguish these murderers from innocent victims R”L

  8. They should take these bodies out to sea and sink them in the Med! They should also coat them in pigfat! Since when is kavod hameis given to enemies of the jewish people! Incinerate them for all I care! Radicals always say the radicals are not islam/ true muslims so it should be no religious problem for them!

  9. Correction for my comment #13
    I meant
    muslims always say radicals are not islam/ true muslims so it should be no religious problem for them!


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