Photos: Goy Who Bought Chometz in Haifa Looks Like a Chassidishe Bochur. Why?

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The goy who bought the chometz this year from Rav Chaim Katz, a senior dayan in the city of Haifa, looks like a regular frum Yid. He dresses like a Yid and acts like a Yid. We are told that he even has a kosher phone.


This young man, whose name is Ron, is in the process of becoming a ger. At age 17, his parents have not agreed for him to convert to Yiddishkleit. He is waiting to turn 18 to move forward with his geirus.

And in the meantime, as a full-fledged goy, he bought the chometz of Jews in Haifa.

Despite being a goy, in his process of preparing for geirus, the young man looks the part of a regular Chassidishe bochur, having becoming a follower of Breslov. He keeps kosher and Shabbos, and is even careful to be makpid on the zeman of Rabbeinu Tam.

“At the selling of the chometz,” said Ron, “there was another goy present, and he did not believe that I am a goy too. It took ten minutes for me to convince him that I although I look like I Jew, I am not yet a Jew. I explained that I want to convert, and I’ve been in the process of teshuvah for six years.”

“I am not obligated in baal yeiraeh or baal yeimatzei, which is why I can buy the chometz,” he explained, “but as for eating chometz on Pesach – there’s not a chance that I will do so!”

We wish Ron well and hope that his process of entrance into the family of Klal Yisroel goes smoothly.

ron chometz (1) ron chometz (3) ron chometz (4) ron chometz (5)

David Steger – Israel


    • Tzaddik, i’m sure he strikes a match or does some other melachah d’Oraisa b’tzin’ah every Shabbos

      Standard practice for people in the giyyur process.

  1. ” I explained that I want to convert, and I’ve been in the process of teshuvah for six years.”

    Someone needs to explain to him that he’s not doing “teshuva”. We must teach converts that while they have done something right and good, they are NOT baalei teshuva. Baalei Teshuva are Jews from birth that either didn’t grow up religious or that went off the derech … They are to be treated differently as they are absolutely different and more special than these stam goyim that decide to become yidden. We must also treat them as “part of us” more than the ger who came from the outside — i.e. when it comes to shidduchim, schools, etc. They were born with a Jewish soul and thus are on a higher spiritual level. These ones that become Jewish could bring in more tumah

    • You could say the same thing about the bal teshuva movement! That its more worthy to keep people religious than putting in the effort for the bal teshuvah movement!

  2. I also am curious about Mehu’s question. What if he is megayer on Pesach?
    Also, the young man wants to convert, he has no papers proving he is Jewish and he wants to be a Yid. Does he have papers proving he is a goy? I would not sell him my chometz. Perhaps his matrilinear grand-grandmother was forced to marry a nonjew and had to hide her identity? Would not be the first time.


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