Photos: Hikind Hosts Appreciation Lunch For NYC Sanitation, Yeshiva Bus Drivers to Honor Garbage Collection Solution in Boro Park


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) hosted an appreciation lunch on Monday as a token of gratitude for those who played a role in resolving the traffic-sanitation dilemma in Boro Park. Hikind praised everyone in attendance at the event for playing a vital role in resolving the predicament including: NYC Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia; Deputy Boro Chief Jack Ryan; Head of the Sanitation Workers Union John Talmadge; Community Board 12; Councilman David Greenfield; Head of the Yeshiva Bus Association Isaac Wallner; Sanitation Department employees and Yeshiva bus drivers. Hikind also praised Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was not in attendance, for his cooperation on the matter.

Commissioner Garcia announced weeks ago that the sanitation trucks will be picking up garbage during on Wednesdays and on Saturdays (Shabbos). The schedule shift, slated to take effect on April 4, was made in an effort to alleviate rush hour traffic within the neighborhood.

“I commend everyone for their efforts in working together to reach a solution,” Assemblyman Hikind said, pointing out to the crowd of NYC Sanitation employees and Yeshiva bus drivers. “This is about saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who worked tirelessly on working toward such a necessary resolution. These guys sitting before me make it all happen. We were told that this day would never come, and that resolving traffic congestion in the neighborhood was a long shot. However, we pushed, fought and persevered for the people of Boro Park. It just goes to show what may seem impossible, is never truly a lost cause—just a great win for the entire community.”

Hikind added, “The sanitation schedule modification is so vitally important when it comes to navigating through our community. This will undoubtedly benefit everyone from the yeshiva bus drivers and students to the motorists and sanitation trucks.”

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