Photos: How Many Articles of Clothing Can People Forget in a Shul?


Bais Medrash Kol Aryeh is a center of Torah and tefillah in Lakewood, NJ. Led by its rov, Rav Moshe Peretz Schwartz, the bais medrash pulsates with sounds of davening and learning all day.

But it seems that many who frequent the shul leave things behind. In fact, the shul has a collection of hundreds of items that mispallelim and lomdim have forgotten to take with them.

“We’re talking about a collection worth thousands of dollars,” a mispallel at the shul told “There are jackets, suits, coats, raincoats, umbrellas – even a couple of pairs of ladies’ shoes.”

The latter items were likely left by visitors to the shul’s simcha hall.

Kol Aryeh is a meticulously maintained shul, and the lost articles of clothing are  carefully stored. Some are even marked, indicating when they were found and how much longer they will be stored. In fact, a full room in the shul’s basement is dedicated to storing these items.

“It’s a veritable clothing store,” said a mispallel.

Now, the shul is informing mispallelim to kindly claim their items. Those items not claimed by this weekend will be rendered hefker.

“The Torah is concerned about mammon Yisroel,” said a gabbai at a different shul who is familiar with this phenomenon of items being left in botei knesses and yeshivos. “People should be more aware of taking their possessions with them.”


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  1. Usually, a strong voter knows where his taxes were spent. The dusty things in the coat rooms of synagogues may represent the carelessness among the days of some of our jewish voters.

    Groan if the left behind items are always there. Some person or many do not feel a due value of taking care of their personal belongings.

    Who knows how they vote.

    Citizens must be more polite and sassy about their clothing.

    Donate it to good will.



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