Photos: Jews in US Military Celebrate Yom Tov

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Faced with extended tours of duty, Jewish soldiers all over the world face unique challenges in maintaining their Jewish identities, heritage and basic fundamental Jewish necessities. Aleph’s operation ‘Enduring Traditions’ serves Jewish personnel by providing materials for all of the Jewish holidays, calendars, prayer books, tefillin, kosher food and many other items needed for them to retain their Jewish connection far away from their homes and communities.

Hundreds of American military bases around the world celebrated Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur in places like the Fiji Isles and Afghanistan. These services, including uplifting prayers, festive meals and torah thoughts, bringing the Jewish New Year spirit to our brethren on the front lines.

For Sukkos, Aleph sent out hundreds of Lulav and Esrog sets, as well as materials to build sukkos to ensure that our servicemen can participate in these special mitzvos, wherever they may be.

“It was an honor and pleasure to spend Rosh Hashana with our deployed soldiers and Civilians here in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Thank you again for making this Rosh Hashana so special.” – Yoni Zagdanski

“I’m so thankful that you were able to help me buy a portable sukkah, as it’s usually very difficult to build a sukkah when you’re living in military housing.” – Nicki Moulton

“It was amazing how many people were curious about the Sukkah and wanted to learn more.” – Military base at Forward Operating Base Fenty, Afghanistan.

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