Photos: Lakewood Right-Turn-Only Signs Put Up in Error

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right-turn-signs-lakewood[Photos below.] Two right-turn-only signs installed at two intersections in Lakewood, NJ, recently got some attention from local motorists, especially after local police officers tried to enforce the signs, but has learned that the signs were installed in error.

Following questions from several readers, we reached out to the Yated Ne’eman Lakewood News Department for some insight into the matter. We were told via email that a full report appears in this week’s edition of the newspaper, but that, briefly, the two signs – at Seventh Street and Madison Avenue, and Third Street and Clifton Avenue should not have been placed there by the local Department of Public Works. The signs essentially forbid drivers from crossing over Madison Avenue or Clifton Avenue at the aformentioned intersections.

The confusion came after the Lakewood Township Committee approved the change in order to move along a process of making other sweeping traffic and road adjustments in the area.

The signs, which state, “Right turn only, weekdays 7 a.m.-7 p.m” were not to be installed until after those changes – which include changing Madison Avenue/Route 9 from four lanes to five – were actually made. The signs were removed after Committeeman Menashe Miller got on the case. It appears that the sign at Third Street and Clifton Avenue will be removed for good.

The Yated also told via email that Committeeman Steven Langert met this week with local downtown storeowners to discuss traffic changes being made in the Clifton Avenue/Downtown vicinity.

See below for photos of Committeeman Menashe Miller examining the issue with other officials, and photos of the signs in question:

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  1. Because there are many signs in Lakewood that are not in compliance (MUTCD). All of those tickets would therefore be illegal.They include, parking, Handicap, no right turn, No right on red, Stop & Yield signs, etc. Lakewood was notified numerous times through Yudel shain about the sittuation.

  2. They were on every street which crosses Madison (I know for a fact at 11th, 8th, and 3rd) they are going to make the Seder commute, and anytime getting across town a nightmare. Who could we call to complain??????


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