Photos: LPD-LCSW Bike Event 2017

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Friday marked the 3rd annual joint Lakewood Police, Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch Bike & Pedestrian Safety Event, cohosted by The Rothenberg Law Firm.  This year’s event took place at the Lakewood Lake with a record number of vendors, agencies and attractions, giving kids the opportunity to sit in emergency vehicles, ride on police ATVs, and watch a simulated water rescue operation.

The event drew a tremendous crowd of all ages, over 2000 participants, with many taking advantage of the event to register their bikes, to ensure the proper fitting of their helmets by experts, as well as learn about the functions and interact with local, and state emergency agencies.  The crowd was treated to presentations by a drone operations unit, a dive team and special investigative units.

This year’s event launched an exciting safety cards series with a raffle drawing, bringing important safety messages to the kids of Lakewood in a fun and interactive way.  Other giveaways, appreciated by parents and kids alike was a safety activity book, not to mention ice packs, balloons, safety bracelets and airbrushed reflective swim bags.

A special thank you to the event cohost, The Rothenberg Law Firm and event sponsors, Gourmet Glatt, Tech Keys, B3 Bicycles, Maser Consulting, Toys4U, and The Fishing Line for their support of this important event.  Parents and kids alike are looking forward to implementing the safety information gained while enjoying a beautiful day out at the Lake!

Wishing all a safe summer!



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