Photos: MBD Celebrates His 60th Birthday


mbd[Photos below.] Mordechai ben David, the renowned baal menagein and singer, recently celebrated his 60th birthday with a small group of friends at a modest restaurant in Tel Aviv. The milestone was marked following a performance in Beer Sheva with singer Yaakov Shwekey. 

MBD was born on April 16, 1951, to Chazzan and Mrs. David Werdyger. Chazzan Werdyger, originally from Cracow, was one of the “Schindler Jews” and miraculously survived the Nazi inferno during the Holocaust.

MBD has produced dozens of Jewish music albums over the past 40 years and continues to reside in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, where he records much of his music at his own personal studio. In addition to his inspiring singing, MBD is a talented composer, having authored dozens of big hits over the years.

See below for photos from his recent birthday celebration in Tel Aviv:

{Yair Israel/Photos courtesy of Kikar}


  1. Reb Mordechai’s music has always been beautiful
    and uplifting. His father, Rav Dovid, is a special individual.
    The Werdyger mishpacha should be zoche to keep singing
    shiros vesishbachos. We are all very happy for you.

    60 already? king david -the sweet singer of israel-in Tehillim says : the days of a person are 70 years & if he goes great he can make it to 80. (90:10)

    I don’t know about everyone else here, how often we think about our life, most people make an account of their life once a year-before Yom Kippur- or Tzaddikim make an account once a month-before yom kippur kotton . I know a person that makes a account of his life almost everyday of his life. He told me this is the final last thing he thinks about almost every night AFTER saying Krias Shma al Hamita he makes an account thinking did i learn today, daven, give tzedaka, help another yid etc… is Hashem going to say to his Malachim i have Charata (pity) i gave this yid an extra day to live. How precious life is. Hashem doesn’t just say this yid will live to 98 this one to 108 & this one to 110, every day & hour is a gift from Hashem, U’vacharta B’chaim-you should choose life-lets learn this now while we are still young.

    the age of 60 is the year when a person looks back at his 40 years of Adulthood (from 20 to 60). Statistics say that 90 percent of people feel bad that they’re time was not spent wisely-a person promises if he gets back his 40 years i promise i will spend my time more wisely-NOW THATS BAD NEWS (1)the fact that it takes till 60 & we dont wake up at 40 & 2) 90 percent of people) WAKE UP NOW & START TO LIVE A REAL LIFE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. A day gone is gone forever & cannot be made up. Anything pushed away or delayed bec. of laziness is too late to make up for.

  3. To Eli. There are kings. And Hashem is the King of kings! So accordingly, MBD is king, and Hashem is his King. Is this too complicated for you?

  4. “king” is just a metaphorical term. It means that he is at the top of his field, which he was for many years. MBD should be credited for much of the growth of Yiddishe music. Others, like Avrohom fried, followed him, and together, with Sheya Mendlowitz, Yisroel Lamm, Suki and Ding, Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum, and others, helped people produce true Yiddishe music.

  5. Na música Hebraica! MBD é o Melhor! Adoro a Jeová quando ouço suas MÚSICAS! Eu louvo muito a Jeová Por sua vida!

  6. MBD iis a big tzadik and erlicha yid, a yid that loves to do mitzvahs and always has a good vort for another jew!!!
    If you havent seen his avoida by davening your missing out!!!


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