Photos: Muslim Halal Products Feature Hashgacha of the RK

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At a food expo taking place this week in Moscow, Muslim businessmen marketed products certified as Halal, for which they rely entirely on the kosher certification of RK, headed by Russia’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Berel Lazar.

RK Administrator Rabbi Yosef Varzov told that their exhibition at the expo features hundreds of different products from factories across Russia that are under the supervision of Russia’s Chief Rabbinate.

Photos by JDN:

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  1. A kiddush hashim. הנה מה טוב. Russia is a hospitable mokom for yidden. Very soon there will be no different than the farstukeknem america ganov. Raboyse lern zu redden rushish Schnell!

  2. No surprise here. Theyve been using kosher food for decades now. I wonder what their kids think when they see hebrew lettering on their pastrami label?!


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