Photos: New Jersey Governor Murphy Campaigns In Lakewood

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy paid Lakewood a visit on Tuesday as he seeks to shore up support in Orthodox Jewish majority city of 135,000 resident.

The governor came to Lakewood at 2 PM, first addressing primarily Yiddish-speaking residents in a Belzer development. Murphy then visited Chai Lifeline’s new building on Airport Road before holding a meeting with askanim from the Lakewood Vaad.

Murphy went on to visit Hatzolah of Central Jersey headquarters on County Line Road before holding separate meetings with the Igud Hamosdos, and the BMG roshei yeshiva.

Murphy’s visit to Lakewood concluded with a fundraiser, attended by numerous healthcare and other business leaders from the Orthodox Jewish community. The fundraiser reportedly brought in well over $100,000 for the Murphy campaign.


  1. Hold your heads up high, askanim: You are showering kavod on a governor who, amongst other things:
    1. Is pro-abortion.
    2. Signed a law in NJ mandating public schools to teach about same-gender relationships.
    3. Declared last year that “if taxes are your only concern, maybe New Jersey is not for you”.
    4. Governs the state with the highest property tax rate in the USA.
    5. Proposed raising the NJ state budget by $11 million annually; a budget already financially decrept.

    Have you no Torah value$?
    $hame on you.


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