Photos: NYPD Arrests Man With Bolt Cutter Near Bais Yaakov of Boro Park

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  1. Not only will the House committee push forward on Gun Control bills, Pressure Cooker bills and Knife bill, now they’ll have to pass Bolt Cutter bills.

  2. Is it illegal to have a bolt cutter? Was he trying o cut a bolt with it? Threatening the security somewhere?
    There needs to be more information thatn just a headline and a picture if this is suppose to be a news site.

  3. The rest of the story. The guy used the bolt cutter to steal a bike about a block away. Shomrim caught him in front of the school. The end.

  4. so the story should have ended with the stolen bike. did the arrest have anything to do with bais yaakov? what if he was arrested near a starbucks?

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