Photos: NYPD Kills Slasher in Manhattan

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New York police shot and killed a knife-wielding man in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday morning after he reportedly stabbed a woman.

The New York Post reports that the man stabbed a woman, citing authorities and eyewitnesses.

The attacker He reportedly lunged at police before he was shot; Yahoo News reports that the officer was in tears after the shooting.

NBC 4 New York reports the man appeared to be middle age and dressed in business-casual attire. The woman was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to recover. Read more at NBC NEW YORK.

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    • Bring your chala knife to the police station. Use a plastic knife in your kitchen. Didn’t they try to do something like this in Britain?

  1. Can’t these cops think of a three inch blade disarming technique that doesn’t involve shooting?! The woman was stabbed once, the perpetrator had every chance to stab her ten more times before the police arrived, but didn’t; therefore, no immediate danger to the woman. Neither were the cops in the immediate danger; they could have taken two steps back, then Taser or Mace the perp. Using any long reach object(such as a club) to hit the perp while at distance, would also work, as knife can only be effectively used from a short distance. If any of us were in the similar firearm self-defense situation, we’d be legally required to back off and run away first(at least in the liberal States that deny the stand your ground law); a non cop would be charged with murder in this scenario. The cops should not be above the law. If the law is not fair, change it for everybody; otherwise, charge these cops just like the rest of us.

  2. 13 bullets?! So we’re back to Germany all over again. Anyone that has mental/emotional issues should be slaughtered in the streets execution style. Just like Gideone Bush. Way to go NYPD. The Gestapo are out in full force.

  3. To the 2nd commenter “anonymous”It is sadly necessary in this situation to shoot someone, because even if you try to disarm someone, if they turn their hand just a few degrees, they can slit your wrist, which means you can bleed out in a very very short time. You can also mess up a disarming technique, which could end in any number of bad ways for a cop. So that isn’t really an option, except as a last resort. The perpetrator was a threat, which is proved by the fact that he lunged at cops with a knife. Mace may not have been an option because of the wind, the officer may not have been carrying a taser, and even if he was, the guy could have gotten up after the officer stopped tazing him and started attacking the officer. If you use a club, you have to let him get close enough to you to hit him. You never ever do that in a self-defense situation ifor you can avoid it. Also, you would be absolutely Justified as a civilian in shooting someone who lunged at you with a knife. As for “coming to a location near you” yes, cops are trained to shoot until the threat stops being a threat. People who are on drugs, or even just experiencing an adrenaline rush can be shot multiple times without feeling the effects. Many times, people who have been shot don’t even realize until later because of the adrenaline. Obviously, nobody wants to kill everyone with mental issues. But, if you are lunging at other people with a knife, threatening their lives, then yes, unfortunately you should be shot to defend those people. And do you really think the NYPD is anything like the Gestapo? I don’t know what news sites you have been reading, but I cannot recall any articles about NYPD officers murdering or torturing people because they are Jewish or any other race for that matter.

    • Reading comprehension 101. Cops are threated as if they are above the law: if you escalate the situation instead of taking 2 steps back, then claim shooting the perpetrator in self-defense, you will be prosecuted for murder in NY. This perpetrator was non lunging at anybody before the cops got into his face, if he wanted to kill the woman, he had opportunity to stab her 30 more times before the cops showed up. If Mace or Taser weren’t working, the cops could have blocked him from escaping(standing 10 feet away in a non threatening manner) until he would have calmed down(for 2 hours if necessary), then arrested him; if the perp would have lunged at the cops while they were not threatening him nor escalating the situation, then the shooting would have been completely justified. This reminds me of a cop jumping in front of a moving car, then shooting a driver, claiming self-defense.

  4. The weapon was an eight-inch knife.
    The emotionally disturbed person lunged at the cops with the knife. One of the cops suffered a slash wound (per the NY Daily News).
    It’s sad that a disturbed person was killed, but the cops didn’t have any choice here; since they were under attack they didn’t have the option of waiting for a Taser-equipped unit or other non-lethal means of taking down the attacker.

  5. But yet when someone who is disturbed, wants to kill themselves by jumping off of a bridge, the cops will spend hours upon hours trying to SAVE his life, even if it means holding up traffic and inconveniencing thousands. Why is this any different?
    Answer: They are NOT trained in how to deal with mentally/emotionally disturbed people. Nothing was learnt from the execution of Gideone Bush. Nothing. Most of these people CAN be talked out of the danger they want to involve in. You cant just have these low self esteem donuts eaters come in and exacerbate the situation and then use that as an excuse to gun down cowboy style, these otherwise innocent people.


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