PHOTOS: Ohr Hachaim (Sheiner’s Shul) In Monsey Serves Cake In Honor Of President Trump’s Birthday



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  1. Is this from this year? Does no one in that shul care about social distancing or wearing masks? I am pretty sure that someone involved with the nursing home industry realizes how risky this is.

    • The nursing home owners are dancing and buying more summer homes. They know that they’re going to be given bailout money from the government that will never be repaid. Maybe it’s good bc many mosdos need more money.

  2. This is either a Purim joke (in the wrong month) or sick on so many levels (starting with the obvious lack of social distancing and masks and the sharing of food between nonfamily members).

    Does it say something about Trump supporters?

  3. Happy Birthday President Trump.
    G-D Bless you in your endeavors, may He give you health and success.
    We love our president.

  4. Commenters above about no masks and no social distancing are wackos. Masks are only for criminals to cover the face so they cannot be easily recognized. Social distancing is only if you might live among those criminals.

  5. Happy Birthday President Trump. May God grant you many more healthy years. May you be successful in doing what’s right and correct for this Country.

  6. To all you dumb commentators asking about the mask gloves blah blah blah…
    I dont know where you live, but in Monsey there is not a single case of Covid-19 and there is complete herd immunity.
    Wake up. the only way to get over this pandemic is herd immunity.
    FYI the CDC and Dr Fauci are not major fans of masks and gloves.

  7. To all you whining about no masks etc

    My shul has been open for weeks now, full packed house, Kiddish, shalo sheedes, whole nine yards, no masks, no social distancing and no one, NO ONE has gotten sick.

    • So is our shul. Actually, our shul and cheder which is in the same building, never closed and not one member has been sick.

  8. Uhhh… All you other people are commenting – do YOU wear masks and social distance in shul or when your out? Because I dont know a single person who is.

  9. Why don’t you liberal skunks whining about masks and social distancing open your fat mouths against the street protesting bums and looters. That’s ok. You are the same trash that march in these protests and honor a career criminal like Floyd who put a gun to a pregnant black woman and robbed her house. That’s ok. Thank G-d for Trump.

  10. think if you wear a mask you might save a life. why be so resistant? do you not want the schar for saving a life? such a simple thing.


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