Photos: Playing Chess on Nittel Nacht in Crown Heights

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      • Minhag Yisrael Torah Hi. If Gedolei Yisrael made the date of Nittel 25th of Dec, and/or Jan 5 or Jan 6. That’s how it is even if you disagree.

        • Gedolei Yisroel were misakin the date of Roman/Greek Catholicism holiest day? I think not. The pagans celebrated the winter solstice on the 25 of December as is recorded in Celtic and other pagan rituals. The date has nothing to do with a birthday. The Greeks distorted the story, 5 times over, to bring confusion and retribution for their defeat by the Maccabi’s. Greeks were happy, 300 years after Yesu, that’s his name, existed to bring chaos and falsehood back to Israel. 2 or more Gemorrah’s, Sanhedrin 43 and another allude to his existence (and yes, he existed). Nittel is not a minhag of Yisroel, it is a reaction and it is and can be ignored in our present.

          • Instead of writing silly bauchsvoros and talking against minhagei yisroel, why don’t you check it out with chassidishe Gedolei Yisroel. You’re obviously too lazy to find it in seforim, so go over to them and find out.

  1. What a dumb “minhag” this “nittel nacht” is! There is a mitzvah deoraisa of limud haTorah everyday, and there are zero halachic reasons for this “nittel nacht” celebration of amoratzus. Just because there might have been a case of sakonas nefoshos in two hundred years ago Poland, it doesn’t cut as a halachic reason now, as there is no case of sakonas nefoshos now, while we do have mitzvah deOraisa of daily limud haTorah. And I won’t even mention another silly reason of “learning is somehow giving zchusim to Yoshka” – that is just ridiculous on so many levels. It is such a Chilul H when a beis medrash is full and no one is learning.

      • Dear 5:36am, try to comprehend a comment before responding. Can’t you tell a difference between an individual doing bitul Torah based on his own weakness without providing any self justifications versus a silly “minhag”(which doesn’t qualify as a minhag lefi halacha anyway) that forces mass sessions of bitul Torah in a bais medrash of all places. Calling this “minhag” chasidishe is an insult to Baal Shem Tov.


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