Photos: Rainbow Seen Across Monsey, NY, This Afternoon

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rainbow (1)

rainbow (2)

{ Newscenter / Photos: Flash 87 Images}


  1. PLEASE REMOVE THIS PICTURE! To tell somebody about a rainbow is loshon hora. (I know I sound yeshivish when saying this, but trying to follow halachos of shmiras halashon is not yeshivish!)

  2. A rainbow is a Siman klala. It means HKB’H wanted to bring a flood to that place but did not because he promised Noah.
    Should not be looked at according to the Zohar let alone published…..

  3. Sih shteyt in Chazal that a rainbow is a very bad simon. It means that biEmes that area should be destroyed, just like in Noach’s time, uber the Aibishter made a promise to Noach so HKB”H is keeping his Bris with Am Yisroel. That is why the Halacha is, you DONT inform others that there is a rainbow outside. You make the Bracha aleyn. May we be zoche to do Teshuva shilaima.

  4. dear sir in my shulchan aruh and the acharonim it says that you are not allowed to tell other people that there is a rainbow, please get yourself a talmid chochom that is a baal horoah, that should check all your news before you print it. thank you.

  5. משנה ברורה סימן רכט
    (א) הרואה הקשת וכו’ – ואין כדאי להגיד לחבירו שיש קשת מטעם מוציא דבה [ח”א]


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