Photos: Rav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Delivering His Shabbos Shuvah Drasha at the Dushinskia Shul (JDN)

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  1. The way it looks is that the Drasha was said Motzei Shabbos, however probably before Havdala, otherwise I don’t think Rav Tuvia Weiss, Av Beis Din of the Eida HaChareidis, would get in a car on Shabbos, & to comment #1 I don’t know how many hours flight it is from Melbourne to Tel Aviv, but it wouldn’t help anyway bec once he arrives @ Tel Aviv bec it’s still Shabbos, even though he finished shabbos already, he can’t get in a car till after Zman Tzeitz, whenever that is, so it still wouldn’t help, anyone who has more info plz share, thank u

  2. It seems obvious that it took place after Shabbos. Unlike the video of Long Beach Yeshiva saying tashlich on Rosh Hashana.


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