Photos: Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Of Satmar Visiting The New Satmar Housing Development In Lakewood (JDN)

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  1. Of course anyone who wants to live in Lakewood has the right to live here. And anyone who wants to make a living by building legally, has the right to do so. However, when the builder claims “humbly” that he is providing housing for those in Lakewood who need affordable homes, while at the same time distributing flyers in Yiddish in Brooklyn urging people to move to Lakewood, I get nauseous. By actively marketing Lakewood to people in other cities, these greedy builders have raised the cost of homes in Lakewood, making housing unaffordable to the local Yungerleit. They are also creating more crowding in an already overburdened Lakewood. Please Mr. builder, don’t do us any more favors!

  2. Jews need more apartments. Not everyone can afford boro park or Williamsburg. They need to expand into other areas that are not as expensive.

  3. Those who already own homes will see them go up in value…This is a good thing then..When you buy a home in America it’s a investment that you hope to see the value go up and up year after year..


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