Photos: Rush Limbaugh’s Penthouse For Sale

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rush-limbaughs-penthouse[Photos below.] Rush Limbaugh appears to have finally made good on his promise to move out of French wine-swilling, art loving, liberal media-infested New York. The conservative radio host threatened to leave the Big Apple last March after Governor Paterson proposed a tax on New Yorkers making over $500,000.It took almost a year, but Limbaugh has put his 5th Avenue penthouse on the market for a cool $13.95 million.

The full-floor apartment comes with four terraces, 10-rooms, “oversized” tubs, and handpainted murals throughout.

Check out the rather posh digs below:

[slideshow id=148]

{Noam Newscenter/Huffington Post}


  1. if any of you think that by having this house, you will be more happy, i asure you that you want!!!!!
    marbe nesuchim marbe dageh!!
    any this world is only a preparation for the next world!
    why buy something so nice, that will not last forever?
    it pays more to spending your money in doing mitsves (tsidakah, hachnasath orchim….)
    because from this you will have forever hapinnes!!!!in this world and in the next:-)

  2. Leaving NY because of high taxes…If the rich all leave, the burden falls next on us ‘not so rich’. He’s one smart guy!

  3. listen #7 a jewish website should not care about a propaganda republican money humgry idiot house why dont more ppl see what fakers him and hannity are?

  4. To 7 just because he doesn’t care about RUSHES
    riches doesn’t mean he is bitter. Perhaps he is trying to be BETTER


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