Photos: Satmar Chassidim Protest Against Israel at Trump-Netanyahu Meeting in Washington, DC

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  1. The Rebbe zt”l writes in the Hakdomeh of Vayoel Moshe that the holocaust came because of the Tzyonim.
    It is important to notify the Goyim that Frimeh Yidden are not supporters of the Medinas Htzyonim.

  2. They have the right to let the world know that the Zionist State does not speak for al of world Jewry. They do not have to recognize the moral authority of the Israeli government.

    However, they do have to recognize the fact that Israel exists just as any other country in the world does. It is undeniable even if you wish it never came to be. Thus, by protesting the “settlements” they are not simply saying that they would have preferred that the nation of Israel had never come to be. They are joining in the battle against an existing entity made of their fellow Jews. And by seeking to delegitimize them, these people are overstepping their bounds and have entered in to the status of rodfim.

    So please, dear friends and brothers of Satmar, set the protestors straight. Let them decry the State but never ever do anything to hurt it.

  3. You should report their numbers say 200÷ 13,000,,000 yidden means their numbers are meaningless,
    maybe good intentions but could use some good nyc psychiatrists
    Why not print just one photo, and your opinions in the article, don’t give them so much publicity

  4. To Mordechai and Anonymous,
    You might think they are wrong; so do I, but to call them animals..?? On this it’s said “כל הפוסל במומו פוסל” “One who accuses, accuses with his fault.”

  5. 2 points;
    a. matzav is a partner by giving it coverage
    b. although i dont agree i feel thankful and view this as a reminder of free speech
    the headline is misleading all the posters carry the name & logo of a fringe org not hisachdus

  6. We have to realize that if the Israeli government was not anti Torah and prohibited toeiva parades and even made it illegal as the Arab states do,if all the streets and businesses were closed Shabbos by law,if tattoo shops would be made illegal and pork would be outlawed and ever israeli jewish kid would be in yeshiva not public school, then Trump would allow Jews to expand all over Israel instead of living like sardines in tight spaces with high prices. Everyone expected to see Trump agree on expanded settlements. Why did he hesitate. We Jews know that every thought in Trumps head is not Trumps, but a Higher authority. If we follow the Torah then leaders of the world would support Israel’s expansion otherwise we can get kicked out of the land like gush Katif and Amona.


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