Photos: Tashbar of Lakewood Moves into Stunning New Campus

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Drivers cruising down Oak Street just east of Route 9 in Lakewood, NJ, may have noticed the stunning new Tashbar campus.

The state-of-the-art Tashbar campus represents the fulfillment of Tashbar’s unique chinuch vision, building on Tashbar’s successful 25-year track record. In true Tashbar tradition, the leading-edge strategic design and features of the 94,000-square-foot yeshiva building, once again, raise the bar and set the tone for utilizing every possible resource to optimize the learning experience for each and every child.

It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, Tashbar parents, grandparents and friends, as well as Lakewood’s roshei yeshiva and many rabbonim, stood at the vacant site laying the even hapinah. Indeed, it is truly remarkable how quickly the construction moved along. In a block-constructed school building, plumbing, electricity and ventilation must all be done simultaneously with the structure. This requires meticulous planning and careful coordination of all the involved structural disciplines, vendors and subcontractors. The fact that the building progressed so quickly, be’ezras Hashem, is a tribute to the meticulous planning and implementation of the project.

With a price tag of $15 million, virtually every facet of the campus was thoughtfully designed to serve as a physical, bricks-and-mortar vessel that will facilitate the uncompromising excellence and cutting-edge resources of the Tashbar chinuch model. It is the fulfillment of a vision conceived, cultivated and nurtured over the past 25 years under the tutelage of Tashbar’s founder and dean, Rabbi Meir Hertz. Tashbar’s pioneering approach to chinuch recognizes the individuality and the unique strengths of each talmid, providing whatever resources are needed to enhance, enrich and realize those strengths to their fullest potential.

The building’s 94,000-square-foot interior houses 27 bright and airy classrooms and the very latest resources and amenities. The building also contains a beautifully appointed bais medrash, a spacious dining hall/cafetorium, and an 11,000-square-foot gym. With additional properly-equipped self-contained classrooms, resource and enrichment rooms, Tashbar’s commitment to maximizing the potential of every student has been taken to new, unprecedented heights.

For further information regarding dedication opportunities and sponsorships, contact Rabbi Chaim Hertz at 732.905.1111, ext. 141, or email [email protected]


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  1. I just wish all these beautiful photos were labeled with who these Yidden are. Those of us who don’t live in the area of thses wonderful simchas never know who we are looking at. Not just with this wonderful simcha, but all Yiddishe Heiliga events.

  2. R; Malkiel Kotler – R”Y BMG, R’ Hertz – director, R’ Zions – Menahel, R’ Ozer Yonah Kusner – apprently grandfather of child, R’ Shmuel Perlstein, R’ Shmuel Eizikowitz, others


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