Photos: Tens of Thousands Visit Kever Rochel


kever-rochel-davening[Photos below.] Tens of thousands of Yidden visited Kever Rochel Monday night and Tuesday. Tuesday was the 11th day of Cheshvan, the yahrtzeit of Rochel Imeinu, whose kever is located on the road from Bais Lechem to Efrata.

Many women arrived to daven. In the exras noshim, the wedding gown of Navah Appelbaum, murdered by terrorists the night before her wedding, serves as a curtain.

Today, the kever is located within Bais Lechem city limits, a few minutes from southern Yerushalayim, and is protected by high concrete walls. The Egged bus company operated a special service to the kever from Monday evening to Tuesday evening for the occasion.

Police and paramedics were there to guard the mispallelim.

See below for photos:

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  1. Did the man in the photo above the article and the people in the other photos, grant permission for their pictures to be shown to the public.

    Can’t I go and pray without having my scrunched up face shown to the world?


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